Shine with a natural glow

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Title: Shine with a natural glow

Date: October 10, 2002 Publication: New Straits Times Author: Zatashah Idris

Zatashah Idris
New Straits Times
Shine with a natural glow
Byline: Zatashah Idris
Edition: The City Advertiser; 2*
Section: WoMan

IS ageless vitality really out of our reach? For ages, people have yearned to maintain their youth – from the quest for the Holy Grail to modern-day cosmetic surgery. One way is to prevent premature aging.

Stress is undoubtedly a principle factor to this. Hence, the steps taken by many towards a healthier lifestyle.
The Age of Aquarius – the 21st-century – sees an amalgamation of self- healing, spirituality and inner enlightenment. These take the form of yoga, ayurvedic healing, Tibetan Buddhism, qi-gong, feng- shui, tai-chi and health spas. It seems that as life gets tougher, the more our bodies and minds need alleviation from stress.

As if the outside elements are not enough to stress our bodies, causing premature ageing, there have also been reports on the harmful ingredients in skincare that have potential carcinogenic properties.

These days, women are no longer willing to subject themselves to harmful substances and side-effects. Fortunately, thanks to modern technology and traditional remedies, there exists a new form of skincare, better known as cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals is the marriage of science and nature. Using botanical ingredients that do not compromise one’s well-being with innovative bio- technology, we are provided with maximum efficacy and safety in skincare.

A new brand hailing from the United States – Bioxil – ultimately represents this modern millenium approach to beautycare. The botanical ingredients used in Bioxil products are geared towards the strength of a pharmaceutical level without the complications of harsh chemical substances.

Bringing this synergistic trend to the Malaysian market, Bioxil launched two new products, Clear White Essence and Daily Breast Firming Cream. On hand to explain its functions was Dermal Esthetica (the distributor to Bioxil) group chief executive, Melissa Chen.

“Bioxil provides New Age solutions to delay the biological process of ageing. Why should we inject poisons into ourselves like botox? We must be safe to achieve and maintain youthfulness.

“Both Bioxil products contain natural ingredients that have gone through extensive research and development so that our consumers can be satisfied with the results,” said Chen.

Clear White Essence is specifically aimed for the Asian market. A constant demand for fair, translucent skin means that whitening products are a top-selling beauty commodity in Asia.

Hyperpigmentation, commonly known as age spots, is also a bane for mature women. But in the process of restoring the skin’s radiant complexion, women could encounter other problems. In some cases, especially for those with sensitive skin, potent whiteners could cause red patches and skin peeling from the abrasive chemicals used.

The difference between Bioxil’s Clear White Essence and other whitening products is the absence of harsh ingredients such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, sulfur and gycolic acid.

Clear White Essence contains emblica extract (natural whitening ingredient), citrus unishu peel (rich in vitamin C), bearberry, licorice, green tea, gingko biloba, beech tree and yashabushi extracts (anti- oxidants), marigold flower, ruscus aculeatus and aloe vera (anti- inflammatory plant extracts).

The Daily Firming Breast Cream exemplifies Bioxil’s New Age theory. It comprises pueraria mirifica, an extract of the White Kwao Krua herb originating in Thailand. It is a potent anti-cancer agent.

With the anti-oxidants and high concentration of phyto estrogen, the cream aids in the care of breast tissues and collagen by strengthening the ligaments. In short, the cream is supposed to improve the shape and firmness of breasts and make the skin smooth and supple.

Cosmeceuticals embody the current need for natural, therapeutic beautycare.

Natural healing: Bioxil introuces science synergised with nature.

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