Puresterol may inhibit growth of breast cancer cells

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Title: Puresterol may inhibit growth of breast cancer cells.(Research Highlights)

Date: December 1, 2009 Publication: Nutraceuticals World

The role of phyto-oestrogens in women’s health, in particular breast health, has been the subject of debate for several years. A study recently published in the Proceedings of The Nutrition Society, conducted at Edinburgh’s Napier University by Dr. Margaret Ritchie and Dr. Janis MacCallum, concludes there is increasing evidence that phyto-oestrogens may be beneficial to breast health, even in women with estrogen sensitive cancers.

Research indicated that the phyto-oestrogens in Puresterol brand Pueraria mirifica (PM), from Bio-Botanica, inhibited the growth of breast cancer cells in-vitro. “This is exciting and may be indicative of a future role of Pueraria mirifica as a natural and safe form of hormone support for women,” the researchers commented. For further information: www.bio-botanica.com

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