Pueraria mirifica–miracle ingredient (Asian Cosmetics Forum 2004) (Smith Naturals) (Brief Article)

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Title: Pueraria mirifica–miracle ingredient?(Asian Cosmetics Forum 2004)(Smith Naturals)(Brief Article)

Date: February 27, 2004 Publication: Cosmetics International

An unnamed international cosmetics company is in the process of incorporating Pueraria mirifica into its products so that consumers may soon have access to this ‘miracle root’. Pueraria mirifica is also in the process of being registered as an over-the-counter drug in the EU.

The Pueraria mirifica plant is said to be found in only two provinces in Thailand. The active ingredients are concentrated in the root and topical application has been found to enlarge breasts, reverse male baldness, remove wrinkles around the eyes, and perform a number of other ‘enhancements’. Dr I Sanford Schwartz told the 2004 Asian Cosmetics Skincare and Fragrance Forum that the University of St Andrew’s in Scotland would be experimenting on the inhibition or even reversal effects on seven types of cancer.

Dr Schwartz added that several other companies are currently evaluating the efficacy of Pueraria mirifica, but he was not able to reveal their idenities. Dr Schwartz is the ceo of Smith Naturals, the company manufacturing the ingredient.

The efficacy of the Pueraria mirifica is so far affirmed by topical tests and further studies on oral consumption would be conducted.

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